1000 Yards (John Milton Series, Novella)

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1,000 Yards: A John Milton Short Story

Swap 8 want. Popular covers. Rating Average: 3. Is this you? Become a LibraryThing Author. His trade is murder. Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. You wouldn't pick him out of a crowd, but you wouldn't want to be on his list. She does Britain's dirty work, but this time she needs help. Beatrix Rose, meet John Milton Beatrix Rose has a knack for making the British government's problems go away. When the assassin is sent to Venezuela to track down a missing scientist, she meets a contact who knows the lay of the land: none other than John Milton.

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As the state-sanctioned assassin and the special forces soldier team up in South America, they'll do more than capture a missing scientist Beatrix Rose has been betrayed. Her husband has been murdered and her daughter, Isabella, abducted.

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She flees to the Hong Kong underworld to plot her revenge. Those who wronged her will pay. She was an assassin for The Firm, the beyond top secret agency that did the dirty work for the British Secret Services. She is lethal. Ethically flexible. Totally ruthless.

And you know what they say about payback. Mark Dawson's Group Fifteen Files. Quick, lightning-paced, action. They call him 'Scorpion'.

No-one knows his real name, and the only people who have seen his face are dead. He works for the highest bidder, and he's never missed a target. The assassin appears in London with the name of an investigative reporter on his list. But has Scorpion met his match? The reporter has a protector - John Milton.

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  • And Milton might be the only man in the world more dangerous than him. Court Gentry is known as The Gray Man - a legend in the covert realm, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible, and then fading away. And he always hits his target. But there are forces more lethal than Gentry in the world. And in their eyes, Gentry has just outlived his usefulness. Now, he is going to prove that for him, there's no gray area between killing for a living-and killing to stay alive.

    daconsibu.tk An Underground carriage in London is destroyed by a suicide bomber. The injured and the dead litter the platform. But as a crowd forms at street level, Michael Pope knows that this is only the beginning. Pope, head of top-secret Group 15, is tasked with finding the perpetrators of this atrocity and bringing them to justice, any way he can. He knows that the answers to many of his questions will lie at the end of the money trail, but he also knows that whoever funded and organized the attack will kill again for their freedom. You wouldn't pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn't want to be on his list.

    In this second dip into his case files see Yards for a further novella , Milton is sent to Italy to investigate the death of a colleague from Group 15, the secret assassination squad that liquidates those considered to be impediments to the furtherance of British interests.

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    Milton discovers that the agent was involved with the Camorra, the powerful Mafia clan that controls the territory from Naples to the tip of the Italian boot. He identifies the assassin as a man nicknamed Tarantula.