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Start here. View Cart 0 Your Shopping Cart is empty. If you already have an account, sign in. Who are the subject matter experts that write or contribute to content? Who is responsible for ensuring processes are followed? That governance policies are consistently applied? The people process or the people part of Content Ops is about defining roles and responsibilities across the organization because it's not a marketing thing, not a content teams thing.

True content operations is an across the board thing. And you really need to make sure that there's a strong leader who has the purview and the authority, and quite frankly, the political pull, to be able to get it done. It can be challenging because much of the content you create comes from subject matter experts spread across the company. You need access to them in a timely manner and without a strong influence, getting them when you need them is hard.

One of the first things you should do is a skills assessment, McKnight said. Find out what employees know and can do that may not necessarily fit into their current job responsibilities. I've seen it sit with the PMO, which I like, because they're organized, and they know how to work across an organization. They're not myopically focused on one thing. From a PMO perspective, the head of a PMO, if they are a good one, is one of the people in the organization who understands the organization best.

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If you are trying to set up content operations in an organization that is siloed - which is very often the case - you have to deal with each department having their own people who create and manage content. Content operations unify those silos and bring together all the people who have a role in content development. Then there are the processes. Defining processes to create and manage content is also challenging, particularly from a change management perspective.

There is often a fair amount of push back McKnight said. Roles and responsibilities you can sort of evolve softly, and start sharing things and moving things over and whatnot. Through his consulting company, CXpert, Ben now assists clients in areas such as CX strategy, Voice of the Customer, and employee engagement. Ben frames this up as a map showing where you want to go and how you want to get there. Normally in CX, we start with the customer, but as Ben points out, with a CX strategy, you actually want to start with the organization, and then link this back to customer insights.

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To create a visual representation of this CX strategy, Ben uses the analogy of a house to capture and reflect the different components. Within this context, the company purpose, goals and CX vision will be positioned at the top, with the principles and then strategic priorities flowing down from these.

CX enablers are positioned as the foundation of the strategy. And if you are looking to super-charge your CX skills and continue learning, be sure to check out CX University.

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