End-Timers: Three Thousand Years of Waiting for Judgment Day

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For example, God is just, so the unsaved will be thrown into the lake of fire and consumed. They simply suffer the consequence of their actions on earth. Receiving no inheritance because of an ungodly lifestyle will be punishment, a penalty imposed for wrongdoing. There are a number of words for consequences designed to modify behavior. However, none of these words are used in relation to the Judgment. In simple terms, God says that there are consequences for disobedience, and this is true for all people.

They lived in sin in their first life and that sin will have a consequence. Those who have denied him or marred the Christian Church will be denied 2 Tim. A job well done merits a reward. A lousy job merits loss. Jesus wanted his disciples to understand this, so he told them a parable about it Matt. He spoke of a servant who was given a talent and buried it in the ground so it did not even earn interest.

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This conclusion cannot be correct. First, many clear verses indicate that there will be loss and shame for some Christians at the Judgment. This implies that those who did not obey him will be ashamed. Obviously, if a Christian is denied, then he will suffer loss. These verses are not talking about the present, but about the future. Colossians says that the one who works for the Lord will receive an inheritance, meaning an inheritance in the future Kingdom. The unclear or seemingly contradictory verses should be understood in light of these very clear verses.

If they were, there would be a noticeable difference between obedient Christians and disobedient Christians. There are also Christians who, even if they go to church, do not make a serious attempt to obey the Lord, and instead are involved in various types of sin: they may lie and cheat in business, commit adultery, use illegal drugs, or participate in any number of ungodly activities. Are they sick more often?

The End Times

Do they die younger? Do their businesses fail more often? Do their cars break down more frequently? Do they live in smaller houses and have fewer clothes? Do they lead more tragic lives? Of course, it is true that there are carnal Christians who receive some consequences for their actions in this life.

Day of Judgment Has Already Passed! (Islamic Eschatology)

God is no respecter of persons. When He does judge, He will not judge one person for his sin but overlook the sin of another.

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The fact that only some Christians who sin receive consequences for their actions is a clear indication that they are not coming under the judgment of God. It is more reasonable to conclude that they are receiving the natural consequences of their foolish behavior or that they are under attack from the Adversary. Some murderers get the death penalty while others get only a few years in prison.

Some thieves spend years in jail while others get parole. The reality is that this earth is a war zone. The forces of good are battling the forces of evil. He causes mental and physical disease Luke —36; — He hinders and even occasionally stops the work of God 1 Thess. Both good and evil people alike are his victims. Meanwhile God supports the people who love Him.

So God resists the ungodly and carnal and He works hard to bless those who love Him. The war rages and both the innocent and the wicked are casualties. Both Scripture and life make it clear that God is not judging the sins of mankind now, but He is waiting for the Day of Judgment in the future. What about verses that say Christians are justified or accepted by God?

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If it means that they cannot be disciplined at the Judgment, it would also mean that they cannot be disciplined here and now. The New Testament is written from the viewpoint that each Christian has been judged in Christ and is justified in Christ. Romans —8 makes it clear that God identifies us with Jesus Christ and that when Christ died, we died with him.

So, if a verse that says Christians are justified or accepted by the Lord means that they cannot suffer loss, shame, or punishment on the Day of Judgment, then those same verses would also mean that Christians cannot be punished now. Yet it is clear from previously cited scriptures that the carnal Christians will suffer loss, shame, or punishment at some time. The logical conclusion based on the clear scriptures is that it will occur at the Judgment in the future.

When the Bible speaks of the righteousness, justification, and acceptance of the Christian, it is speaking in relation to everlasting life, not everlasting rewards. Each Christian will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and be judged righteous and justified because of the work of Christ. Video: Noah's Ark - God's Judgment. God says he'll restore: Ezek and does! Isa The Bible indicates that the Rapture should happen sometime before what is called the Tribulation Pre-Trib.

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Video: Get Ready! The Tribulation, many believe, is supposed to be for 7 Years Dan , These Judgments will be poured out upon the Earth, and all Hell is going to break loose on Earth, so to speak. Demons who have been locked up in the Bottomless Pit 2 Peter will be let loose from the Pit to run rampant all over the Earth Rev Satan will be Cast down to Earth— out of Heaven, by the Angel Michael, and other Angels— and he is thrown down to Earth, in fury, as Satan now knows that his time is Short Rev ,9.

The Antichrist will order everyone to Worship him as a God, and also Worship a Statue of him that comes to life Rev , 2 Thess The Antichrist will also order every person rich or poor to be given a Mark "" on their Right Hand or Forehead.

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10 Things Christians Should Know about the End Times

Luke Jesus says, "They will be killed by the sword or sent away as Captives to all the Nations of the World. The "Times of the Gentiles" refers to the time period in B. This you could say is the climax of the "Times of the Gentiles.

From that time on, Jerusalem will never be subjected to any more domination from the Gentiles. This will end the "Time of the Gentiles. Battle of Armageddon occurs at the End of the Tribulation. It is a huge piece of land 60 Miles North of Israel. They are there to fight against the Lord Jesus! This Battle is called the Battle of Armageddon, and it will last for one day.