Irans Security Policy in the Post-Revolutionary Era

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According to Article of the Constitution, the task of the Iranian Army is to safeguard the independence and territorial integrity of the country, as well as the order of the Islamic Republic.

While concerted efforts to Islamize the Army failed to instill revolutionary zeal, they ensured that the Army, largely comprised of conscripts, remains loyal to the regime. At least 5, military forces including Basij and IRGC units and the 28 th Infantry Division have been deployed along the common border with the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

The Middle East's cold war, explained

In recent years, the militant ethnic Baluch and Sunni group Jundullah has used the momentum of popular dissent against the government and engaged in a campaign of assassinations, bomb attacks, and kidnapping involving civilians but mostly targeting local officials, members of the armed forces, and the police. As the Iranian regime staged large-scale maneuvers in the region, stepped up intelligence cooperation with Pakistan, and increased security along the border, significant Army resources continue to be used.

Along the kilometer-long border with Afghanistan, over 50, IRGC, Army personnel, and border security forces have been deployed to control drug trafficking. Over tons of opium and heroin are being trafficked from Afghanistan through Iran onto the world market, making Iran the most important transit point for Afghan opiates.

To that end, significant military resources are based in Khuzestan, including the 92 nd Armored Division, equipped with T tanks, as well as units from the 45 th Commando Brigade.

Looking at the military balance in the Persian Gulf, it is evident that in quantitative terms, Iran records an impressive number of conventional military hardware. This continued until the 19th century when Russia , through the Russo-Persian War —13 and Russo-Persian War — , took the Caucasus from the Qajars , and thus Iran irrevocably lost the whole region, including Georgia. Since Georgia's independence from the Soviet Union , the two nations have cooperated in many fields including energy, transport, trade, education, and science.

Iran is one of Georgia's most important trading partners and an Intergovernmental Joint Economic Commission is functioning between the two countries. Official diplomatic relations between Iran and postwar Germany began in when Iran opened its first mission office in Bonn. However, Germany and Persia had enjoyed diplomatic relations well back into the 19th century. The Holy See and Iran have had formal diplomatic relations since , under the pontificate of Pius XII , which have been maintained even during the most difficult periods of the Islamic revolution.

Iran has an embassy in Dublin ; Ireland closed its embassy in Tehran along with several others due to the severity of the Irish government's financial difficulties on 23 February An Iranian diplomat stationed in Norway was granted political asylum by that country in February Following the attack on the British Embassy in Iran , Norway announced that it has closed its embassy in Tehran due to security concerns, after Britain's mission was stormed.

Hilde Steinfeld, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in Oslo, said the decision to close the embassy was taken late Tuesday, but that Norway's diplomatic staff have not been evacuated from the country. Iran has an embassy in Bucharest ; [] Romania has an embassy in Teheran. Iran has an embassy in Belgrade ; Serbia has an embassy in Tehran. Serbia shares the same Eastern Orthodox heritage with Russia. Historians have stated that it is remotely possible that Serbs historically originated from the early Persian tribes in the Caucasus.

Switzerland has had a consulate in Tehran since , raised to the status of embassy in This embassy represents the interests of the United States in the Iranian capital. There are agreements between the two countries on air traffic , , and , road and rail transport , export risk guarantees , protection of investments , and double taxation Iran is one of Switzerland's most important trading partners in the Middle East.

A trade agreement was signed in but has not yet been ratified. A period of coolness passed after the Iranian Revolution , which caused major changes in Iran and the world's status quo. Today Iran and Turkey cooperate in a wide variety of fields that range from fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, and promoting stability in Iraq and Central Asia. Iran and Turkey also have very close trade and economic relations. Turkey receives about 2 million Iranian tourists each year [] [ circular reference ] and benefits economically from Iranian tourism.

Bilateral trade between the nations is increasing. When the new Ukrainian ambassador to Iran offered his diplomatic credentials to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki , he said there was potential for expanded ties and stronger relations. Mottaki reiterated the sentiment. A spokesperson for UK Trade and Investment was quoted to say "Iran has become more attractive because it now pursues a more liberal economic policy. In , the UK together with the United States and Canada, issued sanctions on Iran following controversy over the country's nuclear program. As a result, Iranian government's Guardian Council approved a parliamentary bill expelling the British ambassador.

On 29 November , two compounds of the British embassy in Tehran were stormed by Iranian protesters. They smashed windows, ransacked offices, set fire to government documents, and burned a British flag. On the same day David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister said he is committed to "rebuilding" diplomatic relations with Iran but will proceed with a "clear eye and hard head".

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The nearly 30, tonne tanker and its 23 crew members were surrounded by 4 vessels and 1 helicopter. Many think this was in retaliation of the UK boarding an Iranian Supertanker, the Grace 1, at Gibraltar earlier in July due to suspicions of smuggling oil to Syria. As of today, the tanker has been moved to the port of Bander Abbas and the ship's owners have not been able to contact the tanker.

The British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has said that Iran will suffer serious consequences if the tanker is not released. UK ships are urged to stay away from the strait and the result of this is an increase in oil prices around the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview of relations. Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran's Post-Revolution Foreign Policy Puzzle

Supreme Councils. Local governments. Municipality City Council. Election Office Guardian Council. Presidential : Legislative : Experts: Local: Political parties and factions. Inside government Reformists Principlists. Foreign relations. Outside government. Other countries Atlas.

The 1979 Revolution(17)

The newly renovated building of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses pre-Islamic Persian architecture extensively in its facade. See also: Iran—Iraq relations. See also: History of the Islamic Republic of Iran. See also: Territorial disputes in the Persian Gulf. See also: Iran—Arab relations. Iran portal. Ehteshami In Lynne Rienner ed. The foreign policies of Middle East states. Boulder, Co.

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