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Now, in her latest engrossing adventure, Jane is called upon to solve a shattering crime that may begin and end in one man's heart--or encompass the fate of an entire nation. In the waning days of summer, Jane Austen is off to the Canterbury Races, where the rich and fashionable go to gamble away their fortunes.

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It is an atmosphere ripe for scandal. But even Jane is unprepared for the shocking drama that ensues when a raven-haired wanton in a scarlet riding habit takes center stage. What can Mrs. Grey be thinking, Jane wonders, to so brazenly strike a gentleman with her whip? And what recklessness then spurs her to leap the rail on her fleet black horse and join the race? Only hours after Mrs.

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Grey has departed the race grounds in triumph will Jane realize the full import of her questions. For in a shabby chaise less than a hundred feet from where Jane sat, the impossible is revealed: Mrs. Grey's lifeless body, gruesomely strangled, her ruby riding habit nowhere to be found. The peaceful fields of Kent have become a very dangerous place Deliciously sinister and splendidly wrought, Jane and the Genius of the Place is a stylish puzzler that only the incomparable Jane Austen could hope to crack.

And in her capable hands, the solving of it is a pleasure to watch.

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Serious scholars might disagree, but it seems to at least one amateur Austenite that Stephanie Barron has captured Jane Austen's voice perfectly in her scrupulously researched and scrumptuously written mysteries starring the celebrated English novelist. Jane is talking about her sister-in-law Elizabeth, who runs her brother Edward's Godmersham estate in Kent.

It's here that Jane comes for a visit in the summer of and gets caught up not only in a murder mystery but the planned invasion of England by Napoleon, which ended in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Austen, of course, had all the qualities of a good detective: the superb attention to detail, fervid imagination, and salty disdain for pretension. Barron makes excellent use of these attributes, plopping Jane Poirot-like into the middle of a crime at the Canterbury Races, then surrounding her with mysterious and possibly sinister figures involved in aiding or thwarting Napoleon's plans.


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The writing, as stylized as it is "There is nothing like the country for the rapid communication of what is dreadful" , never gets in the way of Barron's carefully plotted story, and in the end most readers will find they've managed to satisfy their appetites both for Austen and for mystery. First-timers will be delighted to hear that the three earlier books in Barron's series Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor , Jane and the Man of the Cloth , and Jane and the Wandering Eye are available in paperback.

Barron's skillful rendering of Ms. Austen's style, attuned to picking up the most delicate fluctuations in social behavior, reveals it to be an ideal vehicle for the classic cozy murder mystery.

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Who knew? The most fun is that 'Jane Austen' is in the middle of it, witty and logical, a foil to some of the ladies who primp, faint and swoon. Politics, international espionage and French spies factor heavily into this novel in a clever way. In addition, with the introduction of new characters I did not miss the lack of Cassandra Austen, who seems to be a killjoy in the series, nor Mrs. Even thought the mystery drove the plot, I found myself guessing whodunit early on.

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The writing is so entrancing, the descriptions so mesmerizing and the characters so enjoyable, that nothing was wanting — well, except the shortage of Lord Harold Trowbridge, Rogue, Flirt and personal Infatuation. I patiently await his return.

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You can still join the reading challenge in progress until July 1, Participants, please leave comments and or place links to your reviews on the official reading challenge page by following this link. Author Stephanie Barron has generously offered a signed hardcover copy of Jane and the Genius of the Place to one lucky winner. Leave a comment stating what intrigues you about this novel, or if you have read it, who your favorite character is by midnight PT, Wednesday, April 27, Winner to be announced on Thursday, April 28, Shipment to US and Canadian addresses only.

Good luck! Thanks for the giveaway. Like Like. I liked this one too— but agree, not enough Gentleman Rogue. Seriously, not a clue to the real villain until it was revealed. Page turner indeed.

May I be the first to solicit a series from Stephanie Barron where she sifts through his papers and writes the memoirs that Jane was unable to do???!! The Memoirs of Lord Harold??? Now that is a brilliant idea. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about the possibilities of his spying adventures and romances. Elizabeth Austen is my favorite character in this story.

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I wish she could have appeared in some of the later books in the series. It would be great to fill in the blanks especially about Elizabeth since she was talked about in Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron which I read last month! I loved this book; I listened to it while away on a business trip. I agree with the others that Elizabeth Austen was a favorite.

This series is SO fantastic! I love how Stephanie Barron ties in things of historical interest with the Austen family. Lord Harold Trowbridge is hands down the best character in these books, after dear Jane, of course. I loved this book! That niggled at me while I read the book. On to the next book! Thanks for the opportunity to win the fourth, to continue the fun! Fanny, for example, is twenty in the next book; and Edward still haunted by his love for his lost wife.

Thanks, all!