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T-SQL Cover the procedural extensions to the SQL language that allow you to work with variables, control structures, and error handlers. Efficient Database design Knowing the way SQL Server platform works; knowing this can give you better long-term scalability, availability, and performance. The course starts by explaining the various methods of capturing query plans for later analysis.

Indexing Basics Indexes are the most crucial objects of the database. They are the first stop for any DBA and Developer when it is about performance tuning. Aman raghav — January 22, :. Your Review. SQL Certification Training 5.

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Category: Courses. Tags: database training in bangalore , online sql training , sql training in bangalore. Course Content: 1. We cover major types that store text, dates, numbers and also look briefly at specialty types,Integer, Char, Varchar, nChar etc 7.

Working with Stored Procedures We begin by writing simple stored procs and proceed to more complex procs that incorporate data validation and checking They may also have a SQL like language to query data. NoSQL databases have different classifications depending on how they structure their data.

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That makes NoSQL a must-have skill! At an even higher level, when you have very high traffic, you might need to scale your databases by replication and sharding. There are certain tasks, which are faster when you work on the terminal as compared to using a GUI.

For instance, you want to search thousands of files for the occurence of a string and replace it with something else — imagine doing it in only a few seconds I will give a few hints on how to do that shortly. For a list of reasons why terminals are so powerful in unix based systems, I suggest you go through this thread.

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If you work on remote servers, you would need expertise with the terminal. It uses up very little amount of bandwidth — after all, working on the terminal is just some exchange of text through the network! To start your journey, try navigating and performing regular tasks like copying files through the terminal.

Over time, you would notice that certain things can be done faster through the terminal rather than a series of clicks in the GUI.

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To name a few obvious ones, you should know that sed is used to replace texts in files, grep to search in files and awk takes you one step further in manipulation of structured files. Here are 25 commands for system administrators. You should also have a look at 15 little known unix commands. As a developer, you are probably not going to keep your code locally.

If you have developed a product, you need to showcase it to the world. Now that you have been playing around with the terminal commands, you should test your skills on a remote server. If you have access to a Local Area Network, you could try remotely logging into one PC using the ssh command. Otherwise, you could fire off an instance on the cloud. Amazon Web Services AWS provides a micro instance for a period of one year for free you just need a valid credit card. Similar services are provided by Microsoft Azure too.

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Here is a detailed tutorial by Amazon on how to launch an instance, connect to it and manage volumes on your instance. Once you log into a server, you can use the terminal just like you use it in your local machine.

1. The magic of version control

A word of caution though — Amazon saves your credit card information, so it can automatically deduct money if you cross the free tier benefits. Once you log into a remote server, check if you can install a development environment. Also set up your web application on the server and run it your local machine with the help of the IP address of the server.