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I wish I could tell you I am a super psychic or some famous guru, but that would be a lie. I am only a man and a seeker of truth. Survival Levitation. Patrick L. The little manual you now hold teaches levitation. Many people will have you believe levitation is impossible.

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It is not. Levitation is an extraordinary ability. By that I mean you do it every day and don't even realize it. Our Caesar salads arrived. Are there any levels beyond this one? I asked, pointing to the circle. Some people want to say that there are, beyond here, experiences. But I'm not convinced of that. So are you enlightened?

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I asked. He had been expecting the question. He scrutinized me, looking for a reaction. I just gave you a pretty tricky answer. Because I define this stuff pretty narrowly. Mike hastened to disabuse me of various myths about enlightenment. Instead, it is a state that incorporates all human emotions and qualities: love and hate, desire and fear, wisdom and ignorance. Enlightenment is profoundly satisfying and transformative, but the mind remains in many respects unchanged. It's the same stuff; it doesn't shift that. Far from fostering humility and ego-death, Mike added, mystical experiences can lead to narcissism.

He's God! Have you struggled with that problem yourself? When he first began having mystical experiences in , he was on top of the world. You just have different insights. Been in it ever since. Contrary to what some gurus claim, enlightenment does not give you answers to scientific riddles such as the origin of the universe, or of conscious life, Mike said.

When I asked if he intuits a divine intelligence underlying reality, he shook his head. He sees ultimate reality as timeless, featureless, Godless, and yet he occasionally feels that he and all of us are part of a larger plan. Evidently dissatisfied with his defense of enlightenment—or sensing that I was dissatisfied with it--Mike tried again.

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He has an increased ability to concentrate since he became enlightened, he assured me, and a greater intuitive sense about people. A few days later, I went running in the woods behind my house. After I arrived huffing and puffing at the top of a hill, I flopped down on a patch of moss to catch my breath. Looking up through entangled branches at the sky, I ruminated over my lunch with Mike. What impressed me most about him was that he somehow managed to be likably unpretentious, even humble, while claiming to be enlightened.

But if enlightenment transforms us so little, why work so hard to attain it? I also brooded over the suggestion of Mike and other mystics that when you see things clearly, you discover a void at the heart of reality. In the end it is good to post as well on others too who could fly like: Milarepa, Mestre Bezouro, and others I'm writing of now on my site including Yeshua himself who was a Holy Lightbeing born to the Planet.

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So please be there to see my site soon online, here: www. Post a Comment. Levitation and Ecstatic flights in the lives of the Saints. Levitation is one of the most frequently mentioned phenomena in the lives of the Saints. Many more Saints have experienced this marvel in addition to those who will be mentioned below. Angela of Brescia, St. Antoinette of Florence, St.

Arey, St. Peter Celestine, St. Colette, St. Margaret of Hungary, St. Stephen of Hungary, St. Mary of Egypt, St. Joseph Oriol, Bl. John of St. Facond and St Martin de Porres. St Joseph of Cupertino Certainly one of the Saints who is best known for levitating during prayer is St.

Joseph of Cupertino, who experienced so many levitations that were witnessed by his brothers in the Franciscan Order and others that he is regarded as the patron saint airplane passengers. In Fr. In the records of his official beatification process [Acta Sanctorum], seventy of his levitations and ecstatic flights are recorded.

One Christmas Eve the Saint invited some shepherds to join in celebrating the birth of the Saviour. When they started to play bagpipes and flutes, the Saint let out a cry of joy and flew a considerable distance through the air to the high altar. He remained in his rapture about a quarter of an hour.

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Although he was in the air leaning over several lighted candles, his garments were not affected. As usual, all present were astounded by the miracle. During a profession ceremony at Cupertino, the Saint, dressed in a surplice, suddenly rose to the height of the pulpit and remained for some time with outstretched arms and bent knees.


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One Holy Thursday, while praying before a representation of the holy sepulchre which was situated above the high altar and lit with many candles and lamps, the Saint rose in the air and flew to the altar. Without touching any of the decorations, he remained for a time until the superior ordered his return. Another time on hearing a priest say: "Father Joseph, how beautiful God has made Heaven," the Saint flew up and "rested" on the top branches of an olive tree. Anthony of Padua. After spotting it from a distance, he suddenly flew to the statue and then returned to his former place.

After the Inquisition heard of these marvels, they felt the need to investigate and commanded that the Saint say Mass in their presence at the Church of St. Gregory of Armenia, which belonged to the nuns of St. Suddenly the Saint rose with a loud cry from a corner and while praying, flew to the altar. He remained standing in the air, bending over the flowers and lighted candles with his arms spread in the form of a cross.

The nuns cried in alarm that he would catch fire, but he returned to the floor unharmed. While bending over the feet of the Pontiff the Saint became enraptured and rose in the air until the Father General commanded that he return. The Pope marveled at the phenomenon and told the Father General that he himself would bear witness to the occurrence should the Saint die during his pontificate.

To satisfy the curiosity of the Spanish Ambassador to the Papal Court and his wife who went to Assisi on purpose to see St. Joseph, the Saint was told by Fr. Custos to go into the church and visit Our Lady's statue. Upon entering the church he looked toward the statue of the Immaculate Conception on an altar, and flew over the heads of those present, and remained in the air at the feet of the statue.

After a few moments he flew back and then retired to his cell. A peculiar aspect was that, when a rapture overtook him at Holy Mass, he always resumed where he had left off. Another unusual aspect is that his garments were never disturbed during his many flights whether he travelled forward or backward, up or down.

St Joseph of Cupertino was so on fire with the love of God that one could almost always draw him into an ecstatic levitation by simply speaking of the adorable love of God or the Blessed Virgin Mary, or causing him to contemplate a picture of Jesus or Mary.

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It was sufficient for St Gerard Majella to think of the perfections of God, to contemplate the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity or that of the Incarnation, to cast his eyes upon a crucifix or a picture of the Blessed Virgin, to be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament or even some wonder of creation. The following are a few examples: Gerard, intending to spend some days at Oliveto, received hospitality at the house of the archpriest Don Salvadore. One morning, Holy Mass was about to begin, and Gerard, who desired to communicate at it, did not appear. They called him, they knocked at his door, but there was no answer.

At last they entered and found the seraphic brother kneeling in ecstasy, a crucifix in his right hand, the left hand laid on his breast, his face pale, his eyes half-closed. For more than half an hour, the household of the archpriest gazed in admiration at the ravishing spectacle.