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Praise for the first edition" The sentences andthe programs are short; the explanations are step-by-step.

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Simply Scheme : Introducing Computer Science

Industry Reviews Praise for the first edition" All Rights Reserved. Python Crash Course. In Stock. By the end of these chapters, you're ready to use Scheme to tackle databases and spreadsheets.

Simply Scheme proves that programming can be accessible as long as it stimulates, rather than deadens, the imagination. This book will give you a sense of the inner workings of computer applications like no other.

Simply Scheme, Second Edition | The MIT Press

Though not often used in business, Scheme and its cousin Common Lisp which the book describes in an appendix are still favored by computer scientists, for example, in artificial intelligence research. Simple Scheme succeeds in making a difficult programming language both approachable and accessible.

It's a valuable resource to any computer science student who is taking Scheme on for the first time. Book Site. Book Description This book works hard to make the somewhat tricky ideas of Scheme accessible.

Simply scheme : introducing computer science

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