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When I'm looking at old photos I am often struck by the way everyone is in a tweed suit at some event - and there are pictures of the Mitford sisters and the Kennedy girls all in a line at, say, the races. Maybe those old-fashioned outfitters that sometimes have a Royal warrant - mostly men's clothes but will do some women's.

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Or in Scotland Expensive to buy, but they were meant to last for years, worn with cashmere or lambs' wool sweaters and silk scarves. My mother had us made one each, that we quickly grew out of. Emma's was brown and orange, mine was lilac and had a beautiful striped "shell" blouse to go with it. Early 60s.

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As late as that? I remember Nancy Mitford's young marrieds knitting sweaters to 'go with but not to match' their tweed skirts. The lilac sounds lovely.

Mind you, we still had an 'interview suit' when I was going for my first jobs A few years later I was wearing a vintage dress for interviews. Yes, it combines humour and entertainment with a real picture of the world, he is a very clever writer.

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I think we must be glad that he went into writing rather than clothes! And yes Mr N Sr did have his moments. I love this book for the valuable insights.

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While I'm here - just wanted to say - I have a third book due out in October, so keep an eye out for Fashion in the s! I'm particularly pleased about that, because there's not been an awful lot written about s fashion from a serious ish general perspective.

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Lots of specific focuses on designers and movements, less so on general overviews Yes, there are details here that you couldn't make up or work out for yourself, a real treasure house. I JUST found your previous book, tucked away on my shelves, and was thinking, have you got time to do a guest blog on it?

Any time! Is that the s book? I would be very happy to do something for you, I'd love to know your take on it too and what you thought of it. Edwardian Fashion has had a lot of lovely feedback, and I think my favourite review from Amazon US was the six-word epithet "Slim, but intelligent and well-illustrated. Drop me an email if you still have it and let's discuss. Post a Comment. Something Wholesale by Eric Newby. Posted by Clothes In Books on May 23, They need fine checks for indoors and really thick tweeds for the hills.

We could also have the dresses made with jackets. But no padding in the shoulders. Our ladies require them for shooting. I calculated that two thicknesses of the ounce tweed would be almost bulletproof. This book is an old favourite because of the clothes theme, and my friends Lucy Fisher and Daniel Milford Cottam have both reminded me several times that I must re-read and blog on it… and of course they were absolutely right.

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The book relates his adventures, and is very funny, but also has a note of melancholy as you realize the business is obviously on the way out: the world is changing. He portrays that beautifully — in fact this is something he has in common with crime writer Margery Allingham of all people. Both of them could bring a small London street or alley alive, with grotesques and romantics and dusty old men and sharp young women.

Eric will have to find something else to do with his life. He writes a lot about his family life, and although it is as amusing as all his writing, his great affection for his father is not shared by the reader. Most of them far too smart and fancy for the Scottish ladies out shooting of course.

Top picture from the Ladies Home Journal in the late 40s. Tweed suit from the NYPL. Twinset and tweed on a bicycle a picture that for some reason blogger has picked out to be forever on the right hand side of this blogpage is from the Clover Vintage Tumbler. Tweed coats are on race-goers in Queensland, from the state archives. Anonymous 23 May at Clothes In Books 23 May at TracyK 23 May at Our team includes an in-house stylist, social media manager, brand manager, professional photographer and hospitality business specialists — happy to also assist you in developing your business.

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