The Art of Female Self Pleasuring

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The child's 'reptilian brain' or limbic brain, will be imprinted forevermore with this experience of the world as a good place, where people can be trusted and love is abound. Contrariwise, a child born into a world of pain - mother screaming, doctors poking and prodding with needles, bonding only with cold machines -- will experience a shutdown of the initial oxytocin burst. This child will perceive the world as a colder, darker place, and have trouble bonding later in life. Not receiving that necessary touch when first born can create issues later in life when touch or closeness to another human is presented.

The child may have craved it subconsciously their entire life, and once it is present, the child doesn't know how to accept it. Interestingly, according to Jaiya in her interview, there are ways to lessen the pain of childbirth through sexuality. The hormones in sperm contain pitocin, the drug used to induce labor. If a woman has intercourse before her water breaks, the cervix will open and childbirth will be less painful. Sucking of the nipples has the same effect.

And if the clitoris is stimulated as the baby is crowning, the vagina will not tear. These facts were astonishing to me, and impressed upon me a more beautiful idea of bringing life into the world. As a sex educator, Jaiya has dealt with her own sexual hangups, and discusses her journey through what she calls 'peeling away layers of shame. To come into the world in a burst of love and ecstacy for her was liberating and allowed her to let go of the irrelevant past to focus on the safe, present moment.

She overcame a bit of her shame by owning her sexuality. Her empowering mantra? In the collective consciousness lies the pain of all women throughout history victimized for their sexuality, their desirability. In the collective consciousness lies potential for healing.

The G-spot is an interesting gateway to unearth feelings and begin to work through them. The G-spot is highlighted as an emotional sponge, soaking feelings up to be released under stimulation. Jaiya recalls many women she's worked with who have burst into tears as their G-spot was first stimulated, often unable to explain the outburst of emotion.

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Now comes the anatomy lesson! Jaiya highlights the G-spot and details the A-spot a. Believe it or not, one can also have a 'urethral orgasm,' according to Jaiya's teachings. So the single application or combination of any of the following orgasms can yield unending and rapturously delightful results: clitoral, urethral, G-spot and A-spot. Who knew we had so many pleasure zones? I sure didn't.

Jaiya delves into the realm of spirituality and its connection to sexuality. We all came from sex. The entire world has been created due to sexual reproduction. Sex is the creative spark, the creation of life. And what is sex, exactly? It can be sensual massage, eating a meal, gazing deeply into another's eyes, anything deeply engaging one in the present moment. Sex is spiritual in its ability to engage one in the present moment, creating a space for clarity and insight.

Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch | Experiential Sex Lab

Seeing beauty in another person beyond their flesh. Connecting to something greater than oneself.

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According to Jaiya, religion made a mistake in taking god out of the bedroom and disconnecting it from our human experience. By bridging the gap between god and sex, we become the creators of life, the channels through which trancendence flows, and become inherently good and divine ourselves. From this teaching we can draw a sense of purpose with our sexual exploration, and go forth with a purer intention in the self-pleasuring ritual.

The initial session with Shayne is intensely sensual and personal. There is an option to watch with or without narration, so you may follow along with the visuals or simply use the music to relax you once you are more familiar with the ritual and its methods. The room is dimly lit and quiet as Jaiya suggests setting the mood for these private sessions. This way, I'm well-rested, stress-free, and completely in the moment so that orgasms come a dime a dozen.

1. Bust out a mirror.

I've found that this is the best way to punctuate a week well done and start the following week on a note of rest and relaxation. I'm also very visual. I can't start feeling anything with just my imagination; I have to see something to start stimulating erotic emotion, so [I use] porn or even read erotica.

Typically, I will light a candle daily regardless of whether or not that's the plan for the night, so that's also going on in the background. I run a bath, use succulent oils and salts, have candles going, a waterproof vibrator, [and] bring the glass of wine.

Sometimes I just sit in silence, visualizing how my yet-to-meet lover will talk, touch, and be there for me. A piece of dark chocolate slowly savored on the way to bed and perhaps one more slow, sensual dance by candlelight as I get into bed. So I try to find a video that reminds me of my boyfriend ha-ha. Also, I love to masturbate and sext or sexy snap my boyfriend too. Especially being kind of long-distance, it keeps the romance alive. Also I almost always light my Himalayan salt lamp so my room glows pink.

The Art Of Self-Pleasuring Yourself – There’s A Class For That!

I never really thought about this way until recently, but I think masturbation, for me, is similar to meditation, in that it's something that helps me clear my head. I don't really think about anything when I do it, not even sexual fantasies most of the time. I just kind of lose myself in the feeling and the release I feel afterward. There's where I light my Glendora candle perfectly balanced with wood sage, sea salt, and peonies , or Palo Santo stick, set a bath with my aromatic and 'magical' bath salts, take a sip off my CBD turmeric drink, and soak into the tub.

And if you want a quick fix, I have this fantastic and fun vibrator that is shaped like mascara and great to carry with you or pull out when you need a little screaming 'O.

11 Exquisite Ways To Self Pleasure

I practice luxurious self-massage with nourishing oils and sensual essential oils like ylang-ylang and Palo Santo to promote a radiant connection within. I cherish Palo Santo because it is such a high-frequency essential oil, meaning it raises one's vibration toward love and divine peace. I am not a romantic. When it comes to my philosophy on pleasure, nothing is as important as the end result—an orgasm. I literally wrote a book about it.

But when I say sex, people usually don't instantly think masturbation. Self-pleasuring is popular on the menu at my house. My husband and I have actually started calling it 'the usual' because this is an easy method for a quick connection. Whether I let him watch or we service ourselves side-by-side, masturbation is an effective way to get exactly what I want—quick results.

For me, the initial act of pleasure is usually spontaneous, but the aftercare I try to keep consistent. After I have orgasmed, I first pee of course to prevent UTIs and then put on a skin care face mask for 10 minutes. Then I take a long, hot shower. The feelings after orgasm when by yourself can sometimes be confusing, so I find it's important to have a self-care ritual for after masturbation as well. We ask Ian to talk more about the neural circuitry involved in sex. He discusses the pleasures and values of comfort sex, and offers insights on how to balance between novelty and familiarity.

He also emphasizes the importance of foreplay and waiting to move to the genital region during arousal. Ian then describes the different parts of the female genitalia. He also explains the difference between female ejaculation and orgasm. Finally, Ian discusses how men and women each have their own unique sexual templates.

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He also elaborates on the snuggle gap between men and women, and offers insights on what men and women can do after sex to continue the sense of attachment. Ian leaves us with some practical tips on how men can deal with anxiety related to sex. Yes No Maybe. You have reserved for Event Name. Skip to content Blog.