The Fire Inside

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Or so I thought. In truth, the "good" was just a dulling of the pain—a covering up of the burden of my loss through the redirection of my focus. Why be sad? Why be broken? When you can be angry. And so I was.

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For a long time. After Jaren died—killed by the would-be monster and his Weapon of Sorrow—I hated him for a good while. I was alone again.

I had no direction. I felt abandoned—just me and the hole left by losing everything I knew. The man who'd destroyed my life twice over—first the burning of Palamon, my home, then the murder of my mentor and father-figure—still walked the wilds, but I was just a young man, angry and frightened. Vengeance—the fire inside me—was a weight, not a comfort, because I lacked the confidence needed to see it through. I spent a long time mad—at the murderer who played in shadows, at Jaren for leaving me, at the world, at myself for being lost, at Jaren's Ghost for not believing in me.

My anger defined me. As did yours. For a short while. What I wonder is, have you ever considered….

Did Al Gore Say ‘I Invented the Internet’?

Cayde's death was not the origin of your recent aggression, but simply a catalyst for its release. That it's possible this whole second life of yours has been driven by vengeance: for the life you lost before your return as a Guardian, for the world—worlds—lost to the Great Collapse. Are you truly fighting to protect and reclaim, or have you been fighting this whole time to avenge? Frumious Cloak. Category: Cayde Category: Shin Malphur. IV: Something New.

Category: Book: Letters from a Renegade. Faith in Monsters.

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Category: Jaren Ward. The Last Word.

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And I am not a part of it. They did the writing when I fell ill.

I still feel some sadness about it. The sadness of goodbye. My mind and ego still trying to hold on to the last glimpses of that former life. This is where I feel my deepest connection with the Goddess, with the source of all life. This is where I am called. To help you Live the Life you Came Here for.

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Is This What an Igloo Looks Like When You Build a Fire Inside?

It can be easy to override or overlook your Inner Fire. When you are not paying attention to it, not feeding it, it will slowly slowly die. And so will your ability to feel truly alive. To create beauty and truth. To help us make changes in the world that we so desperately need. And some of us are consumed with Fire. When we burn it so brightly for so long, that we run out of fuel. Now that will leave you empty and cold.

And whatever else you do today — ask yourself: what is one thing you can do to get to know your Inner Fire better? With 5 emails, you can start bringing Soul-based Magic into your coaching and conversations:. Now check your email to confirm you want to start the free training: Get Started with Soul-based Coaching. The three key pillars of Soul-based Coaching.

How perfect do you need to be as a coach?

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The healing power of Holding Space. The gifts of grief and how to unlock them. How coaches unwillingly take away sovereignty. The Fire inside you — and how it needs you May 17, Empowering. Dear you, You know there is a Goddess inside you — right? Or maybe, just maybe, that is not your daily experience?

Why Bob Seger Took So Long to Return With ‘The Fire Inside’

When I dance with my discomfort — I will start to feel again how truly magnificent I am. When I connect with and follow my flow. My magnificence can flow too. But it is always deeply fulfilling.