The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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Catherine Ulissey. There You Are. A British Subject.

Moonfall Reprise. I Wouldn't Say No.

Mystery of Edwin Drood Act 1

The Wages of Sin. Jasper's Vision. Both Sides of the Coin. Perfect Strangers.

Mar 5 – 21, 2015

The Name of Love and Moonfall reprise. Settling Up the Score. Off to the Races. Don't Quit While You're Ahead. The Garden Path to Hell. Best Musical. Best Book of a Musical. Best Original Score. Best Actor in a Musical. Best Actress in a Musical. Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

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Best Choreography. Best Direction of a Musical.

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Outstanding Musical. Outstanding Book. Outstanding Actor in a Musical. Outstanding Actress in a Musical. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical. Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical. Outstanding Director of a Musical. Outstanding Orchestration.

Mar 5 – 21, 2015

Outstanding Music. Outstanding Costume Design. Outstanding Lighting Design. Outstanding Set Design. People Songs Awards. The Marriage of Figaro Oct 10, Dec 15, Mayor Oct 23, Jan 05, The News Nov 07, Nov 09, Charles Dickens died before finishing the novel of the title, leaving all sorts of questions hovering in the soupy air of the provincial English town where the story is primarily set. The pop songwriter Rupert Holmes, who wrote the book, music and lyrics for this delectable trifle of a show and took home two Tony Awards for his work , refashioned the novel into a live parlor game for theatergoers, tossing the crucial question — who slew Edwin Drood?

Raise your hand for the mysterious Princess Puffer! Give a shout-out for the exotic Helena Landless!

In an era when Broadway revivals of beloved musicals can seem dispiritingly skimpy, this handsome production offers a generous feast for the eyes, trimmed in holiday cheer for an added spritz of currency. Studio 54 has been persuasively refashioned into a facsimile of a 19th-century English music hall by the set designer Anna Louizos, whose beautifully rendered flats sweep us from a convivial dining room to a cathedral graveyard to a steam-swathed train station.

As the proud proprietor of the Music Hall Royale, Mr. He twinkles and leers with commendable grace, introducing his loyal cast of egocentric players as they take the stage to enact the story of love, betrayal and, just possibly, murder. Stephanie J.

The Writing On The Wall - The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Musical) -

Clive Paget. Confused by all this nomenclature? The young newcomers to the provincial town of Cloisterham, fresh off the boat from Ceylon, are the devoted brother and sister Neville and Helena Landless, portrayed with silly imitation exoticism by Andy Karl and Jessie Mueller, both in absurd burnt-umber makeup and excellent voice. Scavenging for laughs with admirable ferociousness are a host of fine actors in minor roles: Gregg Edelman as the upstanding or is he? Crisparkle; Robert Creighton, grittily dissipated as the gravestone carver Durdles; and Peter Benson, exuding hapless awkwardness as the would-be playwright Bazzard also the would-be star Mr.

They want everything that happens to be significant, so that at the end the audience has the satisfaction of reaching the answer at exactly the same time as the storyteller. Whereas Dickens' endings, well, just think of Little Dorrit , where someone suddenly and conveniently turns up from Russia and saves the day with a big fat cheque.

At this terrifying moment, with a chasm of hubris opening beneath my feet, his wise and sensible favourite daughter came to my rescue. Katey Dickens Collins , I discovered, had observed that her father's brain was clearer and brighter than usual during the writing of Drood; and, intriguingly, she did not think the murder mystery was what most appealed to him about the tale.

Instead, she directed readers to his "wonderful observation of character, and his strange insight into the tragic secrets of the human heart". Left with the characters closest to the mystery, I gently pushed them in new directions. I gave wide-eyed little Rosa Bud, the year-old object of Jasper and Drood's affections, something more to do than suck pear drops. I came up with eight possible identities for the mysterious newcomer Dick Datchery, before settling on the one I found most amusing.

Helena Landless and her fiery brother Neville presented a visual challenge. These young orphan twins are from Ceylon, but have English names.

The Writing On The Wall

I inspected the original illustrations closely. Were those crisscrossing lines on their faces meant to suggest brown skin? How exciting! With great enthusiasm, the production team put two young British Asian actors into starring roles in a costume drama for the first time. Doctor Who, in a Christmas special , suggested Drood died at the hands of alien beings called Blue Elementals.

Of course, if I embarked on it all again next year, I might solve the puzzle differently.